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This Girl Is On Fire

Maybe you can tell by the toe pop there, but this girl is going places.  She’s on fire and whatever she does in life, she’s doing it with determination and a strong sense of who she is. This is the girl who can tell you exactly what she wants in a sweater.  She can tell…
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January Thaw

Only in Wisconsin is there a 45 minute + wait for the car wash when the temperature gets up to 28 F! Which means this is officially a January warm up.  Just in time to show off some of my new knits First up is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  I cast this on right around…
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A Cardigan Built For Two

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true.  I’m half crazy over the love of you…… …You’ll look sweet. Cuddled up neat. In a cardigan knit for two. Really?  Those aren’t the original lyrics? As you might remember, my girls have sort of a love hate relationship with my knitting.  They love receiving the knits, but…
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    Mwa-ha-ha!  (That’s my evil laugh)  I will win Stash Dash! I am one sleeve away from having a finished Solaris Cardigan.  That’s it.  One sleeve.  Well yes, one sleeve and a lot of seeming.  Yes, I know in this picture it looks as though I am one sleeve and a half of a…
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Gauge, My Nemesis

The Hygge Baby Cardigan is finished.  Ends are woven in, buttons are sewn on, photographs have been taken.  Done.  That’s 294 yds of Stash Dash completed for those of you who are keeping track. Just one problem.  I’m pretty sure this 6 month size baby cardigan can fit a 5 year old.  Some of you…
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