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Taking A Leap

I decided to take kind of an odd leap for a blog.  It’s because I really want to hear from you.  I started the blog to talk about knitting.  Because, really, I think about knitting.  A.  Lot.  And I want to talk about knitting with people who like knitting as much as I like knitting. …
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Mad For Plaid

I once had a co-worker who saw my plaid socks (very tame grey on black) and said, “Oh Jess, those socks are so Mod Squad.” Taken aback, I admitted that Mod Squad was before my time and as such I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or a critique.  She just smiled.  To be…
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Hat on Loom

Optimistically Speaking

My Optimist Club is doing a hat knitting contest.  We do this every year or so. We see who can knit the most hats and we have a prize for that person.  The prize generally consists of a homemade dessert that the winner shares with the group.  There are very few rules. Everyone is welcome…
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Lily is about as fierce as a 9 year old can be.  This is something that will serve her well as an adult, but sometimes causes concern for her parents and teachers.  She is intense, she is rational, and although she’s got a huge heart, people often overlook it.  I like to think of her…
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January Thaw

Only in Wisconsin is there a 45 minute + wait for the car wash when the temperature gets up to 28 F! Which means this is officially a January warm up.  Just in time to show off some of my new knits First up is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  I cast this on right around…
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