1.  This pretty yarn is Calder from Abstract Fibers.  It’s on sale right now.  You’ll wait a few weeks for them to custom dye it for you, but oh you’ll be happy when it arrives.  It’s 886 yds in sport weight.  Anyone else feel like making a little girl’s sweater?

2.  Simple Things Shawl.

 A quick, simple shawlette in a springy color.  The yarn is Lisa Souza Hardtwist fingering weight in Aqua Fresca.  I started this in April when we still had 3 foot drifts of snow in our yard.  I’m happy to report that we just have little piles of snow left in the shadiest part of the yard.  The kids are finally running around today playing outside without coats.

3.  pasOdoble shawl

Lily helped me pick out this pattern for a 460 yd skein of handspun gradient yarn.  I’m not alternating colors, just letting the gradient yarn do it’s job.  I’m supplementing the handspun with three partial skeins of solid color.  You can see just the beginning of this shawl in the photo above.

4.  WordPress is really getting difficult for me to use.  For some reason the photo inserting has become extremely touchy.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes it insists upon putting two photos together into one frame.  It’s impossible to insert photos from my iPad.  I can upload them, but not insert them.  Is this an issue for anyone else or is it strictly an AreaVoices issue?  Or is it a browser issue?  I might have to play with this a bit.