Happy Festivus!

Socks That *really* Rock

If you have to work in between Christmas and New Year’s, I hope you get to sit and watch a webinar for one of the days.  Although I didn’t knit through the entire webinar (I did some actual productive multitasking) there were times when I couldn’t continue printing since the other attendees would hear me.  When this happened I picked up my sock and knit.

And although he didn’t seem to be crazy about the colorway (it seemed to trigger some 70’s childhood related flashbacks – which might somewhat explain the all black uniform), my boss did condone the knitting.  I think he realized that me watching a webinar on payroll so that I can be backup for our Finance Director was a bit of agony.  Let’s face it, doing payroll is not my idea of fun.

The sock yarn is Socks That Rock in A Very Scummy Christmas.  I got this and another skein (Hobbit Garden) from my parents for Christmas.  I’m doing another pair of Houdini Socks.  I haven’t decided how I’m doing the leg of the sock yet though.  I know I won’t use the Houdini Sock leg that Cat Bordhi has in the pattern as that doesn’t do much for me.  The last time I knit these I did a 2×2 rib, which seems a little dull for these 70’s throwback socks.  Any ideas for me?

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