It may be hard to believe that I’m still a knitter, seeing as how I haven’t been blogging much. I have been knitting, and I’ve been somewhat diligently taking photos of my knitting. I just haven’t seemed to get much computer time lately. It seems that not only do my girls keep me really busy (not to mention the new job), but the girls also seem to be drawn to the computer like moths to a flame. Now that Lily is starting to read, she is enjoying going onto and playing games. I now have to fend off two kids when I want to use the computer. Yes, we have limits on when and how long they can play, but it does get tricky sometimes.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been knitting.

The Stash-ghan

An afghan for my office.  This was done completely from stash yarn.  I started with a stitch pattern and a size 10 needle.  I pulled out a variety of blues and greens and put them into a color wheel of sorts.  I’d do one repeat of the pattern with each color.  It’s very simple, but it looks really sweet in my office.  Since my office tends to echo, having something soft to absorb noise really helps.

Gynormous Stocking

A stocking that is large enough for my 3 year old neice to crawl into.  I have made a stocking for both neices and my nephew.  Since the stocking I made for my nephew was abnormally large, I felt I couldn’t go any smaller for his younger sister.  Plus, it drives my sister a little crazy trying to make the stocking look “full.”


Pretty Thing




A Photograph by My Pint Sized Photographer