Flu-Like Symptoms

I meant for this to be a really cool post.  Perhaps some Gifts for Knitters.  Or a nice little story about how my boss bought me yarn today, which I think is quite possibly the coolest thing ever.  Instead, I got a call from daycare that my oldest child got off the bus with a 102 degree fever. 

So no real posts today.  Maybe tomorrow during nap time.  My daughter is insisting in a way that only a 5 year old can that she MUST go to school tomorrow because it’s the day before the Halloween party and it’s going to be SOOO exciting.  Poor kid.  I hope she does feel better tomorrow so she can go to the Halloween party on Friday!

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  1. Syren

    Oh no! That would be the end of the world for a kindergartener! On the upside…one of my friend’s families has been hit by the bug with the super high fever and it was over pretty quickly! GET BETTER SOON ADDIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. knittymuggins

    Awww…. poor sweetie 🙁 I hope she feels better soon! My niece had something similar last week and her fever only lasted a day or two but they kept her home just to be safe. She’s totally fine now. Maybe your daughter will recover soon too? I hope so!

    Me, I have to go get a swine flu vaccine today at 5:30 PM. Ugh. But then again, I know I’m *really* lucky to be able to get one.

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