WIP Round Up

I went through the stash yesterday in an attempt to clean before Christmas.  I have some seriously nice yarn in there.  I also have a very large number of Works In Progress that I need to get a handle on.  Some of them are a really good knitting day (or two) away from being finished. …
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Ohhh… Shiny!

There’s nothing like a good knitterly list to keep you me focused. I’m working on a Polygon Blanket from the new Mad Colour book.  (Yep, that’s the English spelling) The blanket was supposed to be out of stash yarn, but I fell down the rabbit hole and bought some skeins to fill in my color…
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2016-09-11 22.53.58

This Girl Is On Fire

Maybe you can tell by the toe pop there, but this girl is going places.  She’s on fire and whatever she does in life, she’s doing it with determination and a strong sense of who she is. This is the girl who can tell you exactly what she wants in a sweater.  She can tell…
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2016-07-04 20.50.29

Dash & Burn

So, summer happened.  It was glorious, it was hot, it. was. busy.  And somehow in the midst of summer I said I was going to do this thing called Stash Dash where you try to knit a 5K, a 7K or a 10K’s worth of yarn.  I totally bombed this one folks.  For no real…
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2016-07-17 10.57.12

Take Gentle Care

How many times have I said as a mom, “Be gentle.”  Especially when the wee ones were toddlers it seemed as though this phrase was on repeat.  Now that the girls are bigger, I don’t have to say it nearly as often.  Although maybe I need to say it like this – Be gentle with yourself. I…
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